Introduction – Our Mission

You arrived on this website because you want to learn how to go green.  You want to implement alternative energies that will not only help you save money, but will also help your environment and the world become a better and safer place to live.

Your arrival here goes to show that you are conscious of what’s transpiring in the world, regardless of all the propaganda, misguided & filtered information that the government & corporations have fed us through mainstream media in order to fit with their agenda.  The agenda to keep us consuming mindless products and utilizing primitive technologies that are doing nothing less than destroying ourselves, our planet, and wasting our money.  And they simply do this to maximize their profits.

Your first step here is a step in the right direction.  We teach people how to go green like true professionals.  We share beginner to advanced going green facts, ideas, secrets, products, tips & technologies that help people improve their overall being & lifestyle.

So make sure you bookmark this page to ensure you do not miss out on any valuable information we will be sharing now, and in the future.

The information in this one report is a compilation of many years of research, study, and practice.   And just a word of caution!  Some of the information in this article may seem unbelievable to you… some of it may make you angry… and some of it may change the way you see the world.

This information is based on our research & our findings — and just like anything in life, your free to do your own research and due diligence in addition to, or further from what you learn in this report.

We also ask that you open your mind during the duration of this report, and turn off any distractions that may impede your concentration — T.V, cell phone, etc.

We will share a a number of secret alternative energies that the power elite do not want you to know.  Most people have no clue these technologies exists, and/or do not know how to implement them into their own homes and lives.

In addition, a lot of people cannot equip their homes with green technology because they cannot afford to hire people to do so.  However, what you will learn by reading this report is that a lot of what we do is teach you is how to build these systems & technologies yourself with everyday materials.  Many of our teachings provide simple step-by-step video instruction that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you were to hire someone else.

We’ve provided you some nice goodies at the bottom half of this report, but make sure you read it in full to get all the going green facts,  and to understand why our teachings are unique and beneficial.

What THEY Don’t Want You To Know

Most people have heard of wind turbine power, cars running on water, or solar panels for their home.  However, there are many more going green facts & technologies most people don’t even know about.  A good example would be fuelless generators.

And why?

The higher powers have been doing a great job of keeping a strangle-hold on advanced systems & technologies from leaking out into the public and mainstream media for a very long time now. By suppressing this kind of information from inventors, physicists, and electrical engineers.

Fact is, free energy systems & technologies currently exist and are simple for the everyday person to build when given step-by-step instruction — thus allowing that person to be a lot less dependent on gas, oil -or- fossil fuels.

Nature itself could play a big factor, or even a bigger role in most cases then the energy we burn up everyday as coal, oil & gas.  But this is not taught in school, or promoted by the media.

And why?

If it’s safer for our planet, and safer for our health, and safer for our children, and safer for our oceans, and safer for the air we breathe — then why wouldn’t they allow these technologies & go green ideas to flourish in societies.

One word.  Consumption!

They control the oil, and we have to constantly consume it.  A meter is put on our house to control and monitor the heat and electricity.  This is big money for the power elite which generally control everything.

Most people in the world are sick & tired of paying their hard earned cash Month after Month on outrageous gas & electricity bills.  And the prices are just getting higher.  And one reason is because the more people that learn how to go green with implementing the technologies and strategies that we teach, then the more they will have to raise the prices to circumvent for the losses.

It is no secret that our dependence on oil has created many problems at home and overseas.  From raising gas prices, ocean oil spills, filthy waters, dead fish, and wars.

Here is a quote from Dr. Steven Greer – Director of the The Disclosure project, Orion Project & CSETI.  This was an excerpt from his speech at the Exopolitics Summit 2009.

“In the 1920’s Nicola Tesla & T Townson Brown started anti-gravity high-voltage electromagnetic gravitic effects where things would levitate and lift off the ground.  This was also performed with a professor at Princeton who worked with Albert Einstein, by the name Dr. Biefeld — which he called it The Biefeld-Brown Effect.”So, this was done unrelated to any extraterrestrial study of craft.  However, when we did start shooting UFO’s out of the sky using electromagnetic weapons systems, starting with Roswell, and perhaps earlier,  this propelled sciences that were already being studied.”All of these technologies which have begun to be reported openly in the aerospace journals from the late 40’s to early 1950’s.  Now, by October 1954, this “secret government/cabal” that had hijacked this information out from underneath the President and out from underneath other world governments and decided to become an entity on to itself, and decided to slam the lid on this stating this is not going to be printed, talked about or discussed.  It was to remain ultra top secret and deep black.”The real tragedy here is that I am a Grandfather now, and before I was even born, we have not needed oil, gas, coal, jet engines, rockets and surface roads between cities.  Guess how many hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on roadways and how much destruction to the environment we are doing.  We haven’t needed these things since Dwight Eisenhower launched the Eisenhower interstate system in America that now crisscross with the super-highways now spanning the entire continent.”Now, imagine what another civilization from another star system might think seeing such galactic stupidity.  Ultimately, this is the problem we are trying to correct.  It is 50-60 years of unbelievable corruption and misguided policy that is becoming trenched.  Now, it’s time for the people to stand up and say enough of this stupidity – we’re better and wiser than this.  Let’s unite together, and bring out these suppressed technologies & sciences.”Now if it were that easy, it would have been done in 1902.  However, Nikola Tesla had his technologies suppressed by Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan, & the Rockefeller family.  They did not want this to be known, cause it would upset their apple-cart in 1902, just like the apple-cart would be upset today.”In 1902, the world had less than 2 billion people.  Only a fraction of them had electricity, and were using oil & gas.  Now we have 7 billion people, and we have 1 billion motor vehicles on the road.  So, we have become more addicted & more addicted into this paradigm of a planet destroying system — and that is what we must go past & beyond and leave that behind.”Some people will say well, this will be too disruptive to the economy… and what will happen to the petrodollar… what about unemployment in the energy sector?  Well, there will be new jobs!  That’s like saying we shouldn’t bring out a car because people making horse carriages for horses will be out of business.  That’s just ridiculous!  That excuse is being used, and is a false paradigm so that people will stay in line with the power elite that have the power they have.”And so, we have to say to our leaders, and to each other — Let’s find a way to come together, those who are engineers & scientists… those who are leaders in the new energy & green movement… the public who are concerned about the environment & energy… and those who have the resources financially to do this.”Anytime one of these technologies surfaces, and there have been many — such as the Stan Meyer car that was running on water, and then he died suddenly.  And his work had a national security order slapped on him before he died.”

~ Dr. Steven Greer

Going Green Facts

We DO NOT need oil, gas -or- fossil fuels.  We do not need to burn coal, and we don’t even need rockets & jet engines.  We haven’t needed any of these things probably since the early 1900’s — and definitely not during the times of Nicoli Tesla & Albert Einstein.

We also don’t need surface roads.  We have had anti-gravitational technology that would allow us to drive/ride vehicles hovering above the ground.

Some of the greatest minds in history that have brought about advanced green technologies and clean energy sources have either been threatened, bought out, or just flat out erased from existence for just trying to help people live a better, cleaner, happier and more energy efficient life.

They have been reverse engineering UFO craft since the late 40’s and probably even before that which would easily eradicate any of these problems which we face today.

But good thing we have non-mainstream media sources such as the internet where we can research, blog, create videos, and write articles in order to spread helpful information and learn the truth of what is actually transpiring in the world when it comes to going green facts & advanced technologies.

But now we see the tides changing.  People are becoming more aware and more conscious of what’s out there and what’s available… and the more people that join the green movement, the more this is overwhelming the power elite.

And best yet, making it easier for us to put up websites such as this one where we can communicate and share all the knowledge that we have gained from the world’s leading green experts that constantly remain on the cutting edge of information, technology and how to go green today.

If you seriously want to learn how to go green, there are many ideas that we can start implementing  today to make a major and immediate difference in our lives, in addition to turning our planet into a much better and safer place to live for our family; significant other, children, children’s children, etc.

Green living is a true Win, Win, Win situation.  Three key aspects, that once we incorporate these green living ideas — will allow us to…

  • Save money by utilizing alternative energies
  • Live a healthier & more fulfilling life.
  • Leave this world a cleaner & better place for our children and loved ones.

Listed below are ‘Going Green Secrets‘ that the power elite DON’T want you to know…

How To Go Green With Solar Energy

Light and heat from the sun has been harnessed by people since ancient times, while using a wide range of every evolving technology.  In this day and age, energy from the sun makes up for a large portion of our green energy & renewable resources.  The sun will never let you down.  It is here for us all day, and it is free for the taking.  It doesn’t cause us to go to war over other nations.  It doesn’t charge you a Monthly bill.  And it doesn’t run out.

You can now learn how to harness the sun and tap into it’s full power & potential to create all forms of energy.  Just imaging creating your own power generator, and imagine how much money you can save.

Four Solar Go Green Ideas

These are 4 key go green ideas teaching you how to fully take advantage of the sun’s benefits.  Following is a compilation of some green leading experts for their respective fields.

How To Heat Your Home With Solar Energy

You can actually heat your home by utilizing the sun’s energy.  Solar energy expert Damon Flowers will teach you in this video how you can go green heating your home for FREE just with the energy from the sun.

Click image below to watch video on how you can start making your home a warmer place for the winter seasons…

Going Green Facts

How To Generate Electricity With Solar Energy

I’m sure you’ve heard of solar panels for your home and how it can totally erase your utility bill.  The only problem is that the average home equipped with solar panels cost an average of $26,000.  Most people are not willing to shell out that kind of money due to the fact that it may take 25+ years just to break even.

Michael Harvey and his team of  Renewable energy enthusiasts established — A Program devoted to show you step-by-step exactly how to build your own solar panels at a fraction of the cost, thus saving saving you thousands of dollars.   They also show you how people are earning a nice income from building these and selling them for more than a 50% profit.

Click image below to watch video and experience the #1 living green lifestyle that have already changed the lives of thousands of people…

Go Green Ideas

How To Get Solar Panels For Big Discounts

If you prefer not to build your own solar panels from Michael Harvey’s teachings, whether it be you don’t have the space, time, etc —  this is a popular guide that can help you get solar panels at huge discounts.  The guide is known as the “Insider Secrets To Solar Discounts”.  Visit here to learn more…

Home Solar Energy Ideas For Big Discounts

How To Get Hot Water With A Solar Thermal Heating System

Did you know that the average cost for getting a solar thermal heating system for water cost an average of $22,000.

Why spend all that money when you don’t have to?

Click link below to find out how you can build a home-made system with step by step instruction for a fraction of the cost…

Solar Thermal Heating

How To Create Green Wind Energy

Tapping into the winds energy has been a powerful method for creating electricity for many many years.  To get a wind turbine turbine installed can cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000.   However, that is a rather large investment for something that can take many many years just to get a return on that investment.

GreenDIYEnergy put together this easy to follow guide with step-by-step instructions on exactly how to construct a green wind energy turbine for under $200.  Click image below to learn more…

Green Wind Energy

How To Convert To Go Green Cars

Two of the most popular ways to going green with a car is to buy a hybrid vehicle and/or use biodiesel/Ethanol fuel option vehicles.

But why buy a new car with limiting green technology when you can fully turn your vehicle into a water powered -or- electric powered green machine.

How To Convert Your Car To Electric

Environmental activist Peter Millward and creator of Electricity4Gas has developed this step-by-step manual showing you exactly how to convert your own car to run on electricity, thus eliminating your gas bills forever.  This is the ultimate concept in go green cars, and best yet, you can do this in your own garage -or- backyard.

Go Green Cars

How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water

Who is not tired of paying outrageous prices for gas?  Engineer Thomas Greene saw this opportunity and researched tirelessly on how to go green with motor vehicles.

He has developed a Simple-Water-Fuel system that is easy to install and remove, will not damage your car, or void your warranty in any way.  He has outlined this in his Simple-Water-Fuel book —  A ‘Do-It-Yourself’ method that even a 14-year old kid can in just a few hours.  This system can be put into every type of car, anywhere on the Earth.

Click image below to learn how to run your car on water, triple your mileage and never worry about Rising Gas Prices…

How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water

How To Make Electricity

CAUTION!  The Power Company does not want you to learn this information.

In recent past, some off-the-grid scientists have decoded Nikola Tesla’s free energy device that harnesses unlimited & untapped free electricity anywhere, anytime straight from the space sitting right in front of your nose.  Pulling power right out of thin air!

This is the same technology that J.P. Morgan suppressed in the 1930’s fearing he couldn’t profit off it.

Click image below to watch a simple “step-by-step” video showing you exactly how to get unlimited free electricity straight for the rest of your life.

Sound Unbelievable?  Well, Believe It!  Cause he provides video proof on the following page.  Go here now to see for yourself…

How To Make Electricity


We hope you enjoyed all the how to go green videos and teachings that we outlined above.  If you are interested in learning these green technologies, but are feeling a little overwhelmed, just remember — like anything in life, start small and learn one thing at a time.  Any of these concepts will teach you how to go green like a true professional.

All of going green facts, ideas, secrets, tips & technologies we provide will help you live a healthier life for your mind, body & spirit…in addition to living a more cost efficient life and thus helping the planet become more sustainable.


going to help YOU eliminate your gas bill completely